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Based in Rogaland, Norway, we focus on finding solutions to improve fish health by reducing ocean debris along our docks, beaches and coasts, further protecting marine ecosystems from toxic compounds!

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We are proud to announce that in 2017 we have removed up to 17 tons of Marine Debris from Beaches/Shores/Docks and Ocean Surfaces.  Geographically, it is 240 tons of ocean surface debris remain in Svankevigå and Vågen in Stavanger. This poisons marine ecosystems, not only in local area as toxic compounds flows out with the current.

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Last year we held the “Rydd en Strand” photography competition and campaign in co-operation with Hold Norge Rent.

We aim to keep motivating our region Rogaland to beat the other regions in beach, coastal, island and ocean cleaning.

Hold Norge Rent provides a portal for users to register their beach clean's and locations. Register below to learn more.

Our challenge

There are 800 billion tons of waste in the ocean

including marine debris, toxins and vast amounts of microscopic particles. Micro-plastics get broken down further into even smaller particles, called Nano plastics and are found in large quantities in the ocean along our coasts and shores.

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Our solutions

We invent, re-imagine and design coastal cleanup solutions, research, host exhibitions and educate.

If you enjoy technology, design, gadgets, are a designer, architect, engineer, techie, electrician, builder or a materials guru, we need your genius! We meet once a month for a THINK TANK sessions where we make our ideas a reality.

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From 6th May to 30th Sep 2017. Projects, Exhibitions and Workshops held at Stavanger

Eco ocean

Cigarettes, filters and tobacco

Rubbish report indicates cigarette butts are the most common item of litter collected at 12%

Eco ocean

Why the Fish?

W hen there is marine debris, including toxicity, vast amounts of unseen microscopic particles ,nano plastics found in the ocean and our coasts. No matter how we like to pretend...