We’re a non-profit organisation

Our focus is to find solutions to improve fish health by protecting marine ecosystems from toxic compounds, by reducing ocean debris along our docks, beaches and coasts.

Our Solutions

We work with a broad spectrum of solutions including technology, research-based, elevating public awareness through exhibitions and educations and embark on expeditions to learn and gather further research.


By discovering and improving necessary research methods is key to healthier solutions. With our network in the field daily covering various coastal regions, we can help take the samples and tests which are required to push research further. We have partnered with EU and United Nations Environment certified labs worldwide, amongst locally is IRIS which we are excited for their new microplastic research lab. Fish in relations to microplastic and debris contamination is amongst our motivation for more research. 2018 is aiming in the right direction. Learn more about the research in our SEA HUB meetings.



If you enjoy technology, design or gadgets. If you are a designer, architect, engineer, techie, electrician, builder or a material guru. We need your genius. This could become your venture to invent a product to help cure marine debris. Just gaining knowledge and taking back to your workplace is helpful. We meet monthly for project groups with solutions:
Fish Tech, on solutions inventions and environmental friendly technology.
SSF Kids Education, clean ups, all about fish and pollution harming the ocean.
Eco Ocean that focuses on packaging harming fish on land and how to take the trash that is in the ocean. Get in touch to join on in any of these groups !

Our members

Captains aboard!

Our team of captains are diverse and passionate about the sea, the open ocean and all the lies beneath its surface. We're scientists, engineers, artists, designers, great outdoor enthusiasts as well as architects and techies.

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For families, children, companies, groups, schools, other organisations, come and join us. We have no limited number of members to work on projects. Together we can make a lot happen and we cherish the time, effort together making a difference and having fun.

Beach cleanups
Help clean a beach or a dock
Presentations and workshops
teachers, professors and scientiests
Community art exhibitions
artists, sculptors and creatives
Competitions and campaigns
designers, writes and marketeers
Advanced cleaning missions
Divers, sailors, surfers and ocean atheletes
Build a cleaning boat
Engineers, mechanics, boat lovers
Beach inspections
Ocean lovers
Press and PR
Bloggers, writes, accountants and patrons