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Our ever expanding team of Ocean lovers

A collaboration

We’re a collaborative of talented and passionate individuals

from a variety of different professions and backgrounds. We are implementing both long and short terms projects. Join us, make a change and be part an exciting organization with solutions making changes. Together we can make a difference!

Tania Nyberg


Founder Captain of Sea Sick Fish, ARTIST, Creative Director, Photographer, Sociologist/Anthropologist, ecological aquatic explorer. Born and raised in Stavanger by ocean & mountains, she scuba dives, surfs, sails. Dedicated her free time on expeditions in Central America researching ocean waste from cruise ships under Smithsonian Institute, also created exhibits for Monterey Bay Aquarium. Tania has been joining research expedition's since 2000 for Smithsonian Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Was recently on eXXpedition AMAZON 2015 Tania sees relativity as an explanation towards better solutions to removing and eliminating ocean debris.

Goncalo Liberato


A creative thinker, environmentalist, social activist and world change believer. Liberato, yes he is a freedom lover, that fell in love with Stavanger fjords six years ago and never moved back to Portugal. Early educated as an artist, lived and worked in an eco-village developing alternative healthier lifestyles and gaining a deeper understanding for ecological materials and solutions for existing pollutions humanity has been creating. He continued his studies in sustainable architecture and recently is completing a master in landscape architecture in OSLO. During the last 9 years, Mr.G has been involved in several NGO´s and built an extensive portfolio of educational projects within the EU funding Programmes. He engaged with Sea Sick Fish in 2016 and he is adding up all his energy and capacity to the team.

Caroline Orquera Bugueño

Biotechnology Engineer

”Biotechnology engineer by profession and veggie at heart, loving and respectful of nature and living beings in all its magnitude, a truly green thumb and outdoors girl. From Iquique, Chile, it comes to being part of this multidisciplinary team to deliver knowledge and to be a contributor to the development of new ideas over time. Recently accepted as a master degree student in environmental engineer at the Stavanger University focused on water treatment and bioplastic production. ”

Tania Di Chiara

Master Marine Environmentalist, Aqua culture, Fish ecology guru

Mrs. Di Chiara has been an active and great beneficiary member of Sea Sick Fish from the beginning of 2017, Marine Biologist aquatic explorer. Born and raised in Italy with Bolivian inheritance she scuba dives, currently working on aquaculture research to help improve fish health.
Believing in improving fish health by reducing marine litter and toxins.

Marius Strøm

Master of Engineering, Health and Safety, Kayakk Guru, also a Photographer

Marius has been a strong part of SEA SICK FISH evolution since 2014. A great creative thinker, extreme active athlete, engineer, solutionist, change believer man of many talents and skills. Mr. Strøm is an explorer and inventor by heart, born and raised in Kristiansand, completed a Masters in Engineering, further worked for Aker Solutions. Further worked as a photographer and now in Mental Health Services. Marius is also co-owner of Seas Eco AS. developing ocean microplastic cleaning systems.

John Noble

Waste Management expert, Mechanical Engineer, Cleaning Guru (ADMIN)

Our Scottish man of many talent and skills. John joined Sea Sick Fish in aim to make his son proud, being a stay home dad. After working in the the waste industry and further oil industry including Schlumberger. John is a doer, lover of the ocean and can handle the most that has with machinery and systems. Engages in many clean ups, activities and events Sea Sick Fish has had throughout the years. Being part of your think tank group he is of one of the inventors and shareholders of
Seas Eco AS.

Other active board members

Gøril Pedersen Karoliussen

Economy, Marketing & Tourism

Terje Rekkedal

Sub Sea Guru, Product Designer, (Free) Diver

Erik Bygdnes

Masters Marine Biologist, Fish toxicologist, Ecologist aquaculture, Advertised Pro diver

Andrea Ribeiro

Event Planner

Susanne Fischer

Education Collaborative

Caroline Orquera Bugueño

Biotechnology Engineer

Nicholas Merrigan


Zoltan Tuskes


Lyubima Nikolova

Explorer, Swim Instructor