Sea Sick Fish

Why the Fish?

By 21/02/2017 No Comments

W hen there is marine debris, including toxicity, vast amounts of unseen microscopic particles ,nano plastics found in the ocean and our coasts. No matter how we like to pretend we cannot go wrong how it is harming marine life and the fish we eat. The ecosystem of marine life is all interconnected to the numerous problems our everyday and trash and resources we rely on is causing. The ocean waters is the AIR fish breathe and further ends up in the AIR WE breathe causing vast amounts of CO2 in our air as well.

By bringing our focus on fish health and the technology in fish farming will help improve the food chain. Cleaner waters or more controlled land-based fish farming is highly suggested as water quality can then be controlled much more detail.

Fish is important for the food chain of preserving the ecosystems and humanities future we are hand in hand with mission blu helping improve to advance our fish farming, emphasising the fish feed that relates to the health of people. We can go wrong if food is produced in a faulty manner people are bound to get ill too. Fish feed and disease controlled chemicals used in fishery farms can also harm the marine ecosystem around the farms. Fish do escape and breed with wilder fish creating more illness in healthy fish. How far are we relating the cause and effects and how detailed are we inspecting the problems is what humanity needs to advance in more deeply. The marine debris are ending up in our fish from fishery farms as well, this includes themicro plastics and nano plastics. Is it not time to work on better healthier solutions than cutting corner causing bigger and more problems in the long run.